Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Can you handle the... "The crave case" ?!?!?!?!

Post by Stella Lee
So let me tell you about the white castle incident... it's kinda epic. It all started when Liz, Diana (aka dLOUD) Tina, and I (Stella) were bored on a Saturday night. We called up John to see if he wanted to go bowling and that’s how it all started. We patiently waited for him at a bubble tea shop in NJ and when he walked in, we asked him if he wanted a bubble tea. To which he patted his tummy and informed us of his current situation; he was trying to watch what he ate (foreshadowing?)
 Later, black lights and blasting 90’s pop music welcomed us as we walked into the bowling alley. It was cosmic bowling night and there was a looong line but we took advantage of the time with laughter and deep conversation. After a warm up game, we decided to make things a bit more interesting and so we broke off into two teams: Liz, Dlau and Tina vs. me and John. Trying to think of a good incentive to win, we threw out the usual suggestions, a dance off for the losers or dinner for the winners. Then Liz threw out the gauntlet, “the losers have to finish… a crave case!!!” and then it was ON. We played 2.5 intense games, throughout which were a lot of dance distractions (Tina), cheering and laughing. The end score was 560 to 554, with Tina, Dlau and Liz winning thanks to Liz’s grossly high score of 177 and so the two most competitive people there lost due to 6 points (sigh). We sucked it up, prepared mentally and then drove off to the nearest white castle.
 And so the crave case was bought, calories counted (a whopping 2100 calories for 15 burgers), and bladders emptied. We opened up the case and breathed in the distinctive greasy smell that only comes from these little burgers and then we started. I ate them one by one taking my time, while John chose to eat three at a time, stacking them like mini big macs. Liz was taking videos of almost every minute of our punishment while Dlau had a constant flow of “encouraging” words, like “are you hungry?” and “does it taste good?”

The first ten burgers actually went down fairly easily but the last five burgers were a whole different story. The burgers settled and felt really heavy and so we were forced to get up from our seats and jog around the White Castle, so that the last remaining burgers would go down. The last three burgers were the worst. Every bite took 5 minutes to chew and swallow and there was literally no taste but grease. But even though it was like torture, we all joked around and laughed until the last burger was eaten. It felt really really REALLY good when we triumphantly took our last bites and were finished! Woooot!
 On the drive back home I was beyond full and was reflecting on the humorous events that just happened. God really works in some crazy ways and I have to say that I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. I realized how crazy it was that only a year ago Dlau came to 180 for the first time and shortly after came to Christ and here we all are, creating awesome altar moments together. I am so thankful that we were all brought from such different places to the 180 family so that we could have so many unforgettable moments with Him. Without Christ, I just wouldn’t be feeling as full as I feel now, physically and in life as well. :D


  1. woot woot! well written summary of the night

  2. That's an incredible memory! Perhaps we should make a movie called john and stella goes to white castle: Expect you guys would be high on Christ course :) I love this stuff!

  3. great article stella. the last part gave me chills.

    btw, you & john are hilarious when you're full. can we have more eating competitions with you guys???

  4. Actually Stella and I were talking about making the movie except it would be called:

    "Stella and John goes to White Castle...then dies."

    Instant Hit.

  5. lol to "stella and john go to white castle" but hopefully there is no painful sequel!
    sure bring on the food competitions!
    as long as its not now or in a month or maybe a year...haha or as long as it makes an awesome story :D

    *i like how in the video at about 2:35 you see me inch away because i think John's gonna throw up.

  6. that looked so painful.. but oddly, i want to try~ thanx for sharing the awesome memories~! felt like i was right there with ya guyz.. awesome. =)