Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Oh How We Love Our Sunday Dinners

On the menu: Pork Potato Stew
Recipe by "Chef Koreander" and Sous Chef "A little Pinch"

Chef "Koreander" prepping the food here

Sous Chef "A little pinch" helping at his side

Mmmmmmm... oh so delicious. Chef Koreander has done it again.

So simple, yet so powerful, with a little pinch of this, and a little pinch of that.

Good for Serving 20 people or more (Good to try for Saturday Youth Meals! Or, just double it? Rumor has it that 180 Youth know how to eat!) Or, cut the amount in half and it'll be great for small group meals or any size gathering.

Here are the Ingredients:

Olive Oil
2 Garlic whole
3 Red Onions
5 Peeled Tomatoes
9 Peeled Potatoes (cut up in cubes)
Pork cut up into cubes
3+ teaspoonful of Cumin powder(Depends on preference and amount of liquid)
1-3Chicken stock
3+ teaspoonful of Chili pepper powder (Depends on preference and amount of liquid)
4-5 Bay leaves

1. On a pot, heat on Low-medium add some olive oil to cover the bottom
2. Add chopped garlics and onions, then add a pinch of salt.
Wait until onions are slightly brown and soft. Make sure to stir so prevent burning
3. Add Potato cubes into the pot.
Mix/Stir them well
4. Soon after, add the pork cubes
5. Add 2 pinches of salt
6. Add a pinch or 2 of cumin and chili powder and mix well
7. Add 1-3 chicken stock (preferred to have liquid just a little over the added food)
8. When pork seems cooked, taste and add preferred amount of cumin and chili pepper powder.
9. Add 4-5 Bay leaves on top
10. Wait until the potatoes are soft and the pork is cooked all throughout then serve.

Pictures provided by ms. Zing Bowl.


  1. Chef Koreander and Sous Chef A little pinch, thank you for cooking another lovely meal! It was delicious! I am always excited to find out and taste what you guys will whip up next. :D (Like your pen names???)

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  3. Hey Pastor "Ladle"!
    I love mi name! "Chef Koreander" haha :D
    Little Pinch helped me a lot!
    Tina helped out too...
    What's her pen name?