Monday, March 22, 2010

Oh How We Love Our Sunday Dinners.

Photos by: Ms. Zing Bowl
Recipe and Dinner by: Daikonasaurus
Steak Sandwiches. Just $5
Reviews were: good, impressive, delicious!


  1. mmm that last shot looks absolutely delicious. :P

  2. ditto chanmi, last shot is mouth watering... AND i just had burger king.

    from one dinosaur to another, GREAT job Daikonasaurus!

  3. wow. wow. wow. Daikonasaurus! btw, daikon is the raddish they use to pickle dakwang. When i walked into the office last night after dinner, it smelled like a jajangmyun restaurant. my guess was way off; i heard it was a great steak sandwich. oops. anyhow, that's where your pen name came from. Great job, Daikonasaurus!

  4. man that looks soooo frequen' yummy! i gotta check out these dinners one day...