Thursday, March 11, 2010

Look what we "Drew" from Nyack, NY

recipe and hands by: The Blender

I found a small authentic Italian shop in Nyack, NY, called Gracie's Ravioli. They had an awesome Italian meats and deli section which made it a regular spot for me. I had visited them at least once a week and they came to know me as one of their regulars. The sandwich started out as a simple chicken cutlet sandwich with just lettuce, tomato, and onion, and every time I went, I would add something different. It soon transformed into what it is now known as "the Drew". I eventually began to bring some friends with me to the deli to have this monstrosity of a sandwich and they really enjoyed it. Slowly people began going and asking for the sandwich on their own. When I showed Pastor Sam and Pastor Billy this sandwich, Gracie's Ravioli quickly became a regular spot for them as well. One time, they both went without me and upon requesting the sandwich, the owner came to notice how often people were getting this sandwich. Pastor Sam suggested that it be one of the weekly specials on the board. From then on it became known as "the Drew", the name given by Pastor Sam. I met up with them later on during their lunch and was greeted by the owner who told me that because of the demand of the sandwich (which really was only P Sam, P Billy, and my room mates), they made it into a weekly special that they run. Not too sure if it's still around though... I'd love to go up and check sometime soon.

video by: Ms Zing Bowl


  1. that looks amazing... gonna try makin it at home soon~ YUM~! thanx for sharing.

  2. haha love the music for the video!

    oh drew, that sandwich is so like you!

  3. WOW LOOKS SOOO GOOOD HAHA! i'm so going to try and make this now =]

  4. this will always be one of my favorite sandwiches. i wish i knew how many calories were in it though. LOL. Thanks for all the work, to all three of you! ms Zing Bowl and the Blender's two rachmoninoff hands!